It’s simple.

We get your business noticed online!

Right Click Digital are a specialist Digital Marketing Agency who work with businesses creating hard working, beautiful websites – and lot’s of other digital malarkey!

WWeb Design North Devon SEO Barnstaplee are based in Barnstaple, in beautiful North Devon, and help businesses of all shapes and sizes master their online presence.

Not only do we help local businesses engage with their Customers online, we also work with Clients from around the UK and the rest of the world.

Using our sales and marketing experience (both online and offline), and our technical skills in digital marketing, we can help YOUR business grow online by driving Customers to your door through the power of the Internet!

We Are Bad-Ass Internet MASTERS!

We are storysellers, WordPressits, sprocket scientists, software ninjas, marketing gurus, computing hobbits, search astronauts, movie freaks, code jugglers, whole earthers, psychedelic physicists, web diviners, music shakers, people people, and yes, we said it – bad-ass internet masters!

We are all of that – and none of that…Web Design North Devon SEO Barnstaple Digital Agency UK

What we do is:

  1. Get your Business online
  2. Tell your story
  3. Make sure people find you
  4. Turn visitors into Customers

It’s not sprocket science!

You’re the Expert in what you do. We’re the Experts in letting everyone know!

Web Design Company Barnstaple SEO North Devon Web Design & Development

Right Click Digital are one of the few professional web design companies in the UK who specialise in WordPress to create beautiful, hard working websites.

In the hands of our professional designers you can relax as we create a fully featured CMS website for you, so you can concentrate on running your business, while we get out tech-heads on!

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SEO North Devon Search Engine Optimisation Barnstaple  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having a great website is only half the battle. Your site needs to get found on search engines. Did you know that according to Google’s own figures, only 10% of people go any further than the first page when searching for goods and services on Google?

So, how do you get your company’s website seen? The key is successful SEO…

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Social Media Company Website Designer Barnstaple SEO North Devon Social Media

Social media is all about creating more opportunities for your business to engage and interact with your Customers. Having a social media page for your business was once (not so long ago) a bit of a gimmick! Facebook was social media after all, not business media!

However, social media has now come into it’s own as a real business tool

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WordPress Security SEO North Devon Search Engine Optimisation Barnstaple Website Security

So many websites leave themselves wide open to attack that can be avoided. However, most website owners think it won’t happen to them – until it’s too late.

It’s not just large corporations that get hacked. No website is too small or too large to avoid being hit by security breaches resulting in high fees to repair and lost business while the site is down…

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Google My Business Search Engine Optimisation Company Barnstaple SEO North Devon Google My Business

Having your Company listed in the magic Google 3 Pack builds trust in your Customers eyes – and envy in your competitors eyes!

This great tool can increase sales – if done correctly, but so many businesses either don’t claim their page, or set it up wrong which affects their listing.

The results are the same; dropping out of the Google 3 Pack and not being found for searches...

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 Copywriting Web Design Company Barnstaple SEO North Devon Web Content & Copywriting

Words can persuade, inform, surprise, or inspire. When writing for the digital medium there is a direct correlation between the words and the result. You want the content/copy for your business to tell your story and be complete and consistent – written in the same “voice”.

We write the words that drive traffic to your site and turn visitors into Customers.

You are EPIC! Let us tell your story…

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