Does My Business Need A Website?

We say YES! End of discussion!

We shouldn’t and we don’t want to have to prove to you the benefits of having a website and building an online presence.

If you are not online in this day and age you are depriving your business of more sales and higher revenues. Additionally, if you are proud of the goods or services you provide, would you want to deprive potential Customers of the opportunity to get to know you and your company a little better and let them benefit from what you do?

People are searching online locally and globally for goods and services, and the searching Customer will find your competitor who does have a website.

Being online is no longer an option – it’s essential and here are 10 reasons why a website will help your business grow.

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Your competitors are already online. Let us help your business TAKE OFF!

See what we did there?

Open 24/7

Your business is available online 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. Even if your business is 9 – 5 your potential Customers can find information, book appointments, or download brochures.

Web Design Company Barnstaple SEO North Devon_open247Being accessible online even when your business is closed and your employees have gone home means your Customers still have a way of finding out about you on their own time.

By simply having a presence online, your chances of being found by new Customers increases as the majority of people these days perform a search on their mobiles, laptops, tablets, or desktop PC’s to find local businesses.

If your business is online, they can take down your phone number, send you an email, or complete a contact form. They can find your address and even get directions to your door – and all this can happen whether your business is open or after hours.

First Impressions Count

Consumers are searching online more and more for goods and services. Google’s research into local search behaviour reveals that local searchers are poised to take action.

Most potential Customers will find out about your business by going online first.  This becomes your first opportunity to make a lasting, positive impression. If you haven’t got a website, you can’t compete with your competitors. Potential Customers will miss you out completely and go to your competitors instead.

However, once they do find your site, you want a clean, fresh, design – check out some examples here. Your visitors should be able to navigate around your site easily and find the essential information they need to make an informed judgement.

Rather than visiting multiple shops in the high street or calling one company after another, people are taking to the ‘net to find out all they can about a product, service, or organisation. Even if you’re not selling your goods or services online, a website will be your shopfront or your quiet salesman working for you day night!

From Offline To Online: A Case Study

We speak from experience when we say that taking your business online will help improve sales.

One of Johnnie’s own businesses was a very high maintenance sales operation.

In Johnnie’s own words:

“This business was successful, but the whole process of doing business was hard work. I had everything to deal with that goes with having a large sales team; 2 offices, 4 office based staff, glossy brochure costs, paperwork costs, 16 salespeople, 8 telesales people, £8k weekly newspaper advertising, and £1.5k Google Adwords spend weekly.

The business was successful but I had no time to myself. I had my first child on the way so something had to give!

Within 6 months of my daughters birth we had created our first Web Design North Devon SEO Barnstaplefunctioning website, immediately cutting brochure costs as all the information was now available online. We stopped advertising in newspapers and Google and started working on organic SEO, reaching the first page of Google within 6 weeks – with advertising costs at almost nil!

We bolted on e-Commerce to our site and cut our sales team in half within 3 months. Within 12 months we had a completely web based business with only one low cost home office (I now worked from home rather than travelling up and down the country) with 2 office support staff, 2 telesales, and 1 salesperson.

I reduced costs by 80%, reduced revenue by 30% – but profit increased by 270% and I spent the first 5 years of my daughters life happy, involved, and always there for her – while profits continued to rise!

A Showcase For Your Business

Whether you manufacture widgets, are a plumber, a gymnasium, or musician, or you provide a service such as accountancy, your website should convey your message and showcase what you do. Check out some of our recent designs here to see the variation in how companies use their website to increase sales.

Website Designer Barnstaple SEO North DevonYour website should include informative text content, it should convey your message, and there should be lots of images, and even video too. An image gallery or slideshow will show off your unique skills talents and demonstrate the benefits of your business.

It could be a simple brochure design with images highlighting products, or updated regularly with new jobs or projects which have been completed (such as before and after pics). An “active” website – one which is being updated regularly – is a great way to keep Customers informed (Google loves new information too!). So posting regular information to your site will enhance your ranking on search engines.

Even if you do not want to sell online (although you should), you have to give potential Customers enough information (whether text, images, or video) to visit your shop or contact your office.

If your business provides a service, such as kitchen design, removals, or carpet cleaning, highlight what your service does best and the employees who make it happen.

Post pictures of a bathroom before and after, or a stained carpet before cleaning, then looking like new! Visual examples let your customers know what they’re getting and how good your business or service is.

Think Big!

Your website is your “shop front” and as more and more consumers use the ‘net to search for goods and services they cannot differentiate between a small local business and or a multinational.

You could be a one man business working from your garage but your website gives you the ability to appear bigger – or as one of our recent Client’s said – he can punch above his weight and compete with the bigger companies – and win more business!

So no matter what your situation, your credibility as a business is reflected in your website. In fact, SME’s have the advantage online as they can react quicker to queries, answer and resolve poor online reviews instantly, and be more in tune with their local area.

So, think BIG by having a professional website which reflects your business ethos and inspires confidence from your Customers.

Mobile Is Where It’s At Baby!

The days of the phone book have long since passed. When was the last time you used a local directory to find something? Most of these directories are thrown in the bin – a staggering amount are thrown in the bin as soon as they are received!

According to the Local Government Association, Web Design North Devon SEO Barnstaple Responsive Websiteunwanted phone books create 75,000 tons of waste paper a year. Disposing of the books costs taxpayers £7.5million a year in England alone! Not unsurprisingly, a third of those under the age of 29 NEVER use phone books!

More and more people reach for their mobiles first – and search online for products or services. In the UK alone, 92% of people research online before they buy. If your web presence is not mobile optimised, slow, or not there at all, your potential Customers will click away and move on – probably to your nearest competitor!

A responsive web design allows users to quickly pull up your information and get in contact with you wherever they are. These sites are designed to adjust to any screen size, whether it’s a browser, tablet or mobile phone so that Customers won’t miss out on your important information.

Create New Customers And Engage With Them

A website can help generate leads that will turn into Customers.

Using a website you can target the right kind of leads that will better help you connect with interested Customers, rather than to just a large group of people who will never purchase.

Using your website, you can filter out non-Customers using pop-ups or forms. Many businesses like to ask visitors to sign up for their newsletters, complete a questionnaire, a fun quiz, or fill out a quick form in order to access certain content such as a downloadable brochure or helpful information in an eBook format.

Those who are interested in your product or service will happily hand over their details for your content and sign up, which means you now have a handful of HOT leads who are VERY interested in what you do!

By “opting in” those leads have given you permission to contact them. You could deliver a weekly Newsletter packed with information or send out offers and promotions. These hot leads are now part of your data list which gives you the opportunity to engage and stay in contact.

Additionally, your forms can also be a good way of judging if your marketing efforts are working. By including questions such as “How did you hear about us?” and giving several options, Customers can tell you how they found you. If enough people give one answer, such as “search engine results” or “Google My Business” or “Facebook“, then you know where to focus your marketing efforts.

No Credibility Or Incredibly Helpful!

Not too many years ago, most people crawled through the Yellow Pages when they needed to get their car serviced or look for a carpenter. If you weren’t listed, then you probably weren’t credible – not a “real” business.

People no longer waste their time looking through an out-of-date directory published a year ago. Web Design Company Barnstaple SEO North Devon Digital Marketing AgencyThey want the latest information and the ‘net has taken this “directory” a step further. It’s no longer enough to be listed in Google search results. You need a good website to prove that you’re a credible business.

Simply having a dynamic looking mobile responsive website gives your company instant credibility with Customers who are searching for your services online. Visitors are only one click away from moving off your site if it doesn’t work, doesn’t give them the information they were searching for, or simply looks unappealing or hard to figure out.

Your online presence should give potential Customers a real sense of your Company without ever setting a foot inside your shop or calling your business. Your online presence could include not only your website, but Social Media, and your positioning on Google My Business (Previously Google Maps).

Spread Your Wings

Your website allows you to sell locally or further afield. Your business may originally only trade locally but with a professionally designed website you can market your company to the next town, the next county, or the next country!

Your business can be truly global if you want. Whether you provide goods or or services, your website will provide an opportunity for you to trade anywhere in the world. Some of our Clients who are located in the UK trade only with the USA.

Anything can be sold online. People are selling cars on Ebay, doing their own house auctions, and selling all sorts of weird and wonderful things to very niche markets. The ‘net allows you to do that!

Save Time

Providing information to your Customers traditionally takes time, whether it’s on the phone, face-to-face, in a brochure, or in emails. Your website can give all that information instantly to every single enquiry.

With a brochure there are design, printing, and reprinting costs as well as the time it takes to do all that. If you have that same information on your website it can be instantly updated and always available.

Having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Should Ask Questions (SAQ) Website Designer Barnstaple SEO North Devonpages gives you the opportunity to alleviate Customer queries cutting down on questions over the phone, or by email.

Your website works for you 24/7. It’s your silent salesperson, saving you time and money!

Improve Customer Service

Having a professionally designed website gives you the opportunity to inform your Customers and give more detail and information than you would normally be able to.

By offering additional information regarding your goods or services you show your Customers that your Company are the experts in their field; the go-to guys.

You can give relevant information via newsletters, emails or posts to your blog building your credibility and highlighting your expertise.

You can keep your Customers up-to-date on the latest trends, new products, offers, or even changes in law! You can provide links to other websites giving additional information that your Customers may find useful.

Providing a FAQ and SAQ helps your Customers answer any queries or worries they may have.

A website should also include a contact page which includes your address, telephone number, email, and map. Providing a secure contact form also provides your Customers with secure way to contact you.

What better way to provide your Customers with value added service than by sharing information on your website whilst building trust and confidence in your business?

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