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You already know from “traditional” offline print that words sell. Whether you’ve had a brochure, leaflet, or instruction manual designed, or used newspaper advertising, or even Google Ads, there is always a direct correlation between the words and the result.

The difference between one advert and another can be the difference between high sales or no sales, and this is true for online content too.

It’s already a proven fact that publishing various types of online content across the web will drive a large amount of new visitors to your Web Design North Devon SEO Barnstaple Web Copywritingsite, increase conversions and help build brand awareness.

You’ve no doubt come across “clickbait” urging you to click through to find the latest gossip or an amazing fact (or non fact usually), or a news item which spreads virally. The value of words to create an instant reaction online cannot be underestimated.

So, what about the content that is on your website, on social media, or driving traffic to your business? The WRONG content will drive potential customers away, provide poor results, and potentially damage your reputation.

Don’t Be Content With Poor Content!

When you need content that REALLY delivers, Right Click can get the job done. With a great team of Content Creation and Marketing Experts, you can be sure that we’ll tell your story, drive traffic to your site, or boost your brand.

We pride ourselves on providing exemplary service and always keep our clients’ needs in mind.

More than ever,  brick and mortar or “local” businesses need good copywriting to boost their marketing efforts online as they are up against big business or directory type websites.

Although we work with larger, global businesses, we also LOVE helping local businesses compete with the big boys!

So let us help YOUR business compete, stand out from the crowd, and WIN – with well written content marketing.

Whatever your business, whether selling products or services, your website content is vitally important in conveying your message, targeting your ideal Customer, and creating a Call to Action (CTA).

The right content will drive potential Customers to your site in the first place!

The right content will give visitors the important information they need to make informed decisions, thus building trust, and then guiding them to take the next step – pick up the phone, email, or visit your premises.

Your website content and social media posts MUST be search engine optimised. It must read well to your visitors but it must also include the terms or keywords which your Customers are likely to use to find you when browsing online.

Unlike most web design agencies, when we build a new site we ensure that it has a high level of optimisation and the content is search engine friendly.

Web Design Company North Devon SEO Barnstaple CopywritingIt’s just what we do!

So the question is, why do we spend time worrying about SEO anyway when we’re discussing website content? You know the answer already!

Potential Customers aren’t going to waste their time browsing through page after page of results until they find you.

If you’re on page 2 your chances of being viewed are very slim as less than 10% of people go to page 2!

That’s why the main marketing goal of any business online is to rank highly in search engine results.

There are many things that determine your rankings, but valuable, top quality content is a MAJOR factor.

When Google (Bing, or Yahoo) ranks your site, it looks at the site’s content to establish whether it reads well, or is simply full of fluff. It also looks at whether or not your site is providing the information that searchers are looking for. Furthermore, it looks to see how frequently your website content is updated – the more, the better!

Google gives more “Google Juice” to websites that provide value to the consumer – the searcher. That’s why we always recommend having a Blog on your site so that you not only provide more valuable information to your Customers, but you also give Google a reason to rank your site better – and thus ensure that more potential Customers will find you!

So if you want potential Customers to find your business online, your content strategy needs to be complete and consistent. Your website and your social media have to have the same “voice”.

Without good content, you’re simply turning a blind eye to more sales!

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Better Content Means More Business!

Good, well written content works for…UK Copywriting Company North Devon Web Design Barnstaple

Social Media: Shares, likes and comments. Drives people to your website!

Google My Business: The right keywords help consumers find you. Drives people to your website!

Search Engine Optimisation: Tells Google, Bing, and Yahoo what you do. Drives people to your website!

Website Design: Tell your story. Compel people to act. Sell your stuff!

Our fees really depend on what you need and what you want to achieve. As a guideline, our fees are £397 per day (8 hours), but subject matter, research, complexity of content, and intended outcome need to be ascertained on initial discussion before we can give you formal quotation.

Have a look at our Copywriting FAQ page for more info and some examples of recent copywriting work fees.

The right words, in the right order, make or break your business. They can enhance your reputation, or ruin it!

We write the words that help your business grow! So get in touch and we’ll do great things together!