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Having a great website is only half the battle. Your site needs to get found on search engines. Did you know that according to Google’s own figures, only 10% of people go any further than the first page when searching for goods and services on Google?

So, how do you get your company’s website seen? The key is successful SEO.

Search engine optimisation is not “voodoo” or a dark art as some would try to tell you (or sell you!).

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There are no mysteries about it; it involves time-tested and proven strategies that let the search engines know your site offers high quality content that’s valuable, unique, and applies to what the searcher is looking for.

In short, does your website provide the information your potential Customer is looking for?

A website which is not search engine optimised is like a shop on the quietest road on the edge of town where no one goes! So if you currently have a website which is languishing on the lower pages of Google, it is very unlikely that you will be found – and you’re missing out on 90% of the searches for your product or service!

What would it mean to your business if you could turn just a small proportion of people searching for what you do into paying Customers?

Want to know more about SEO? Check out our “FAQ” page and our “What is SEO?” page.

of searchers only check FIRST page results.

of searchers only check the FIRST 5 results.

of traffic goes to the TOP ranked page.

(Source – Moz)

What would positioning like THIS mean for YOUR business?

Search Engine Optimisation Company Barnstaple SEO North Devon

Unlike many web design companies around, we ensure that your site has a high level of optimisation and the content is search engine friendly. That’s why, when we create your website design, we always work with a professional eye on SEO. In fact, we build in SEO on every page and ensure that your site is optimised to make the most of your potential Customers’ searches.

In practical terms, that means:

  • We include keyword rich text and target keyword phrases that your potential Customers would search for.
  • We integrate Google Analytics into your site, create Robots.txt, and XML Sitemaps that help search engines find your site.
  • Your website directories will reflect and specifically target keyword phrases that your potential Customers use.
  • We create SEO friendly Tags and Categories regarding the specific selected keyword phrases your potential Customers would use.

As part of our standard SEO service we also index every page of your site individually on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, giving your website the highest opportunity of being found by your Customers.

We provide these SEO services on every new website build as standard. This ensures that the search engines know your site and visit often to check on your content. This in itself can be enough to get your site ranking well on search engines and we have seen many of our Clients hit the 1st page of Google within weeks, and stay there as there has been limited competition for their keyword terms.

Need more information? Check out our “FAQ” page and our “What is SEO?” page. Alternatively, give us a call on 01271 523 586 or use our Contact page and let us know what you need. Go on – let’s get our Google Glasses on!

Monthly SEO Retainer

For those businesses who want a higher level of SEO, and who want to dominate search engines for their keyword terms, we have a Monthly Plan whereby we work consistently on your website to ensure a 1st page ranking.

Search Engine Optimisation Barnstaple SEO Company North DevonWe work hard to not only get you onto the 1st page of Google, but to get you multiple slots which push your competition off the 1st page and on to the 2nd!

If, for any reason, you want to stop with our Monthly Plan, our Agreement allows you to leave with only 1 month’s notice – so you are never tied in a long contract.

Note too that when you are on our Monthly Plan for local SEO for your website, we will not work with your competitors. We only work with one company, in one area, in one trade, specialisation, or industry. That way, we can concentrate on your business alone!

Check out more information and fees on our FAQ page.