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So many websites leave themselves wide open to attack which can be avoided. However, most website owners think it won’t happen to themuntil it’s too late.

It’s not just large corporations that get hacked. No website is too small or too large to avoid being hit by security breaches. That intrusion could be just a playful breach where no damage is done, or it can be highly destructive which results in high fees to repair and lost business while the site is down.

Cyber-crime overtakes physical crime in the UK

According to recent statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) cyber-crime overtook physical crime in the UK for the first time in 2015! (see article).

We’ve noticed a huge increase in requests from small businesses who’s sites have been hijacked to look like bank websites. The hackers harvest emails and passwords from people visiting the site believing it is their bank.

The most common question we get asked is “why would anyone want to hack my site as there’s nothing of value on it?“. The site itself isn’t the target, it’s a random attack. On most occasions, hackers just want the real estate – the space the website is on. They use the website to upload their own information. They can’t have a website registered to themselves which is acting illegally – so they use yours!

Recently, we surveyed websites in London and the South East and found over 4,200 vulnerable websites.

Get in Touch – BEFORE it happens!

It’s a frightening statistic but over 95% of the sites we view have no advanced security set up on them – as it’s not in the remit for most web developers to do this.

Web Design North Devon SEO Barnstaple WordPress Security Digital MarketingIf you are worried at all about your WordPress site being compromised (and you should be!), give us a call on 01271 523 586 or drop us an email without any obligation.

We’ll do our level best to answer your questions without resorting to complicated jargon and industry-speak and then you can decide for yourself whether this service is something you would be interested in.

Contact us today to protect your business website…

Don’t be another statistic – get your website secured now.

Give us a call on 01271 523 586, drop us an email, or go to our Contact page and we can take care of your website security.

For up-to-date vulnerability statistics have a look at CVE Details and the WPScan Vulnerability Database where you can see what’s happening in real-time.

What Can We Do About It?

1. WordPress Professional Security Audit

You may have already tried to secure your site – or just believed that your web designer did all that for you. Either way, the chances are that your site is not secure, and is in fact, wide open to security breaches, software intrusions, and hackers.

New security issues are identified every day as software and plugins go out of date. It’s more than likely even a site which was once secure, is probably now full of security holes.

Our Team of WordPress Security Professionals will do a thorough security inspection of your website and forward a full Report detailing tasks and recommendations to make your site more secure.

Our Report will cover the following in detail:

  1. WordPress User Roles and Capabilities
  2. WordPress Database Privileges
  3. WordPress Core Files, Locations, and Permissions
  4. Installed WordPress Plugins
  5. Files, Scripts, and Directory Permissions
  6. Web Server Configuration and Permissions

We will cover all areas where your site can be accessed and report on any other issues which we flag. You will then have a clear understanding of what level of security your site currently has and know what to do to improve it.

If you wish us to run a WordPress Professional Security Audit on your website, it is £197.00. You will receive a detailed Security Report and then you can decide if you wish us to do further work on your site or do it yourself.

If you think your site has been compromised call on  01271 523 586 or use our Contact page and let us know what’s happening on your site.

2. Our 5 Point Security Plan

If you already know there are issues on your site, our Team of WordPress Security Professionals can jump straight in and create multiple layers of security customised for your website:

  1. Backing up
  2. File Security
  3. Database Security
  4. Secure Settings
  5. Security Plugins

This 5 Point Security Plan involves 28 separate lock downs to secure your site against malicious online attacks. For obvious reasons, we do not go into detail about each individual lock down!

No matter how big or small your business is, we can create a secure system to lock-down your site ensuring that there are no doors left open to hackers.  However, in the unlikely event that there is a breach, your site will be prepared and everything backed up to ensure minimum downtime from the point we finish.

If you wish us to complete our 5 Point Security Plan we will get to work to lock down your site. The fee for this is £397.00.

Call us on  01271 523 586 or use our Contact page and we’ll get to work on your site.

3. 12 Month WordPress Security Maintenance Plan

Following on from our 5 Point Security Plan, we can now secure your website continuously going forward.

You will not have to worry about any aspect of your site being compromised as we monitor, scan, clean, and protect your site 24/7/365.

Our 12 Month WordPress Security Plan consists of:

  1. Malware Removal and Hack Repair
  2. Continuous Malware and Hack Scanning
  3. Brand Reputation and Blacklist Monitoring
  4. Stop Hacks and DDoS Attacks
  5. Advanced Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
  6. Security Scans
  7. Malware Detection
  8. Non Malware Detection
  9. Blacklist Monitoring
  10. Brand Reputation Monitoring
  11. File Change Detection
  12. DNS Monitoring
  13. WHOIS Monitoring
  14. HTTPS (SSL) Support
  15. Complete Website Hack Cleanup
  16. Malware Removal
  17. Full Blacklist Removal
  18. Phishing Lure Removal
  19. Backdoor Removal
  20. Repair SEO Infections
  21. Remove Defacements
  22. Complete Website Firewall
  23. Protect Software Vulnerabilities
  24. Stop Zero Day Exploits
  25. DDoS Protection
  26. Brute Force Protection
  27. Access Control Management
  28. SQL, XSS and Code Injection prevention
  29. Performance Optimisation and Smart Caching
  30. DNS Management
  31. SSL Support
  32. SPDY Optimisation
  33. Custom Rule Configuration
  34. Advanced Load Balancing/Failover

This service includes encompassing website antivirus software, comprehensive and continuous website security monitoring and scanning, installation of a website firewall, and an on-call incident response team.

This service is billed annually at £497.00.

That’s under £1.40 a day for the peace of mind of knowing that your online business is safe and secure.

If your website is the mainstay of your business, our 12 Month WordPress Security Plan will give you peace of mind.

Call us on  01271 523 586 or use our Contact page and we can get to work protecting your site and your business.

Let’s Get Your Website Secure!

If you feel that there are already security issues with your website, then get in touch with us and we can set up our WordPress Professional Security Audit for your site.

SEO North Devon Search Engine Optimisation Barnstaple WordPress Security UKIf you already know your site is insecure and want us to deal with it, then we need to act as soon as possible. Give us a call on 01271 523 586 or drop us an email and order our 5 Point Security Plan.

Once everything is scanned, cleaned, and secure, you can then think about getting our 12 Month WordPress Security Plan to ensure that your WordPress site is protected permanently.

Got questions? Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, give us a call on  01271 523 586, or use our Contact page and let us know what you need.